Updating Field Attributes Made Easy

In today’s video, I’ll show you a couple of ways to design your geodatabase for attribute updates in the field.    

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Esri Collector Workshop in Sedona, AZ

Learn Esri Collector Are you ready to enter the smart-phone-for-field-GIS era?  If you are ready to switch from Windows Mobile field solutions like ArcPad and TerraSync to something more light-weight and user-friendly, have we got a workshop for you!  3-Day, Hands-On Workshop on Collector Join Michele GeoMattix for a 3-day, hands-on FIELD SCHOOL that will…

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Use a Benchmark to Assess Your GPS Accuracy

GPS Data Not Lining Up You’ve probably been there.  You used your trusty GPS unit to collect some data, processed it, then added the data to a map with reference data and your GPS data don’t line up.  They are off by anywhere from a few feet to a few meters.  What gives? There are…

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Esri Collector and Scale Dependency

Esri’s Collector App Have you tried using Esri’s Collector app for GPS fieldwork yet? For the most part, it works like a charm and is the simplest Office-to-Field-to-Office workflow I’ve seen yet.  Recently, however, I encountered a problem that nearly sank one of my project. Scale Dependency on Your GIS Layers Esri recommends setting scale…

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Free: Lesson 1 from Our Esri Collector Training Course

Esri’s Collector App If you are new to GPS data collection or new to using Esri’s Collector app, you’re going to love today free training video! With Collector, you can use your smart phone or tablet to take your GIS out into the field and collect GPS data that easily integrates with your office GIS.…

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Download Free GIS Data from Esri

Need Some Basic GIS Data for Your Project? Country boundaries, U.S. states, counties, interstates, federal lands… So much GIS data is yours for the downloading.  And directly from Esri.  So you know it’s good, right? Esri Data and Maps If you are a long time Esri GIS user, you may recall that Esri Data and…

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Taking Your GIS to the Field

by Michele Mattix January, 2016 GIS from Office to Field Geographic Information Systems, or GIS, is work that is done primarily on a computer in an office. It is used to map real-world features and geographic data. As such, many places of business use GIS to keep track of things in the field. Things such…

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Working with Length in GIS Attributes

Length Attribute Field…or Not When you open a feature attribute table for line data in ArcGIS for Deskop, you might see a LENGTH field and you might not.  Why the inconsistency?  It has to do with the format of your feature class.  Geodatabase line feature classes include a system defined attribute field that stores the…

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Adding a Datum to Trimble’s Pathfinder Office,Part 2

Missing the NAD 1983(2011) Datum In my previous blog/video, I showed you how you can add a brand new entry into the datum transformations page in the Coordinate System Manager utility of Trimble’s GPS Pathfinder Office software. In response to an email I received from a subscriber (thank you Mike L.), I learned that Trimble…

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Adding a Datum to Trimble’s Pathfinder Office

Missing the NAD 1983(2011) Datum Why oh why does one person’s Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office installation lack certain datums that everyone else’s includes?  I wish I knew.  My installation of Pathfinder Office was missing the NAD 1983 (2011) datum.  This is an important datum for those of us in North America.  Most of the CORS…

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