Fixing GIS Data Misalignment Issues in ArcMap

Today’s video is a follow-up to our previous video presentation on how ArcMap aligns your data with projection on-the-fly.

GIS Data Misaligned

If you try to add spatial data that is missing its spatial reference information, you may end up with severely misaligned data.  Fixing the problem requires that you first determine the correct spatial reference of the data.  This may require some detective work.

Determine the Correct Spatial Reference and Define the Projection

Once you’ve identified the correct spatial reference, you then need to use the Define Projection tool to properly define the projection of the data so ArcMap has the information it needs to properly align the data.

In this video, Michele GeoMattix shows you how to assess and fix severe data misalingment issues in ArcMap resulting from missing PRJ files.

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