Adding a Datum to Trimble’s Pathfinder Office

Missing the NAD 1983(2011) Datum

Why oh why does one person’s Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office installation lack certain datums that everyone else’s includes?  I wish I knew.  My installation of Pathfinder Office was missing the NAD 1983 (2011) datum.  This is an important datum for those of us in North America.  Most of the CORS base stations currently reference this datum.  So if it is missing from the software, it is very difficult NOT to introduce datum shift to your precious GPS data.

Adding a New Datum

Pathfinder Office has a utility application called Coordinate System Manager that is accessible from both Pathfinder Office (Utilities > Other) and the Start menu.  The Coordinate System Manager contains many, many files that define the parameters of every datum transformation, coordinate system, geoid model, etc., used in Pathfinder Office.  They all live in a file named CURRENT.CSD.

If you know the exact parameters that define a particular datum or other model, you can create a new one from within the Coordinate System Manager then save it to the CURRENT.CSD.  If all goes well, you will have that new datum available to you henceforth.

Here are the Parameters for NAD 1983(2011)

Here I will share with you the parameters for the NAD 1983(2011) datum so you can create one to add to your CURRENT.CSD file.  NAD83-2011-parameters

You can follow along with the video, below, to add this information to your CURRENT.CSD. If you are missing some other datum, you will have to contact your Trimble distributor for the correct parameters.


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