Adding a Datum to Trimble’s Pathfinder Office,Part 2

Missing the NAD 1983(2011) Datum

In my previous blog/video, I showed you how you can add a brand new entry into the datum transformations page in the Coordinate System Manager utility of Trimble’s GPS Pathfinder Office software.

In response to an email I received from a subscriber (thank you Mike L.), I learned that Trimble does include this datum in Pathfinder Office but that it goes by the name ITRF to NAD 1983 (2011).  Not exactly an obvious name to look for in alphabetized dropdown menus.

Duplicate an Existing Datum

In today’s video, I show you how you can rename this datum so that it is easier to find and use in Pathfinder Office.  This is an alternative to the method I showed previously.  Both work.  The advantage of this method is that you do not have to type in long numbers, thereby eliminating potential typos.


Easy peasy.  The only confusing issue here is why I had to learn about this from one of my subscribers instead of from one of the many Trimble folks I contacted.

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