Adding Esri PRJ Files to Your Computer for Use in Trimble Pathfinder Office

With ArcGIS for Desktop version 10.1, Esri chose to no longer include the list of all projection files.  They say it is because there are simply too many.  You still have access to them, but they are not stored on your computer.

The Problem

For Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office Users, this presents a problem when exporting GPS data to shapefile format.  When you set your export coordinate system, Pathfinder Office allows you to include a PRJ file with the exported shapefiles.  It used to be you could browse to the PRJ file in the Esri folders.  Now that the PRJ files are no longer on your computer, you cannot include a PRJ file.

The Work-Around

Also new with ArcGIS for Desktop 10.1 is the ability to add a coordinate system to you ‘Favorites’ folder.  Doing so writes a local copy of the PRJ file to your computer.  The following video shows you how.