New GIS Training Video Course for Excel Data in ArcGIS

GeoMattix Offers Training Course for Mapping Excel Data in ArcGIS

How do you get XY coordinate data from Excel into your GIS?  This is a very common workflow and one that challenges GIS newbies – and even experienced GIS professionals who haven’t done it in a while. A lot of times, GPS field data is recorded as simple XY coordinates in an Excel spreadsheet.  Our new training video shows you how to turn it into to GIS data.

Training Course Sample

Course Details


Lessons (length)
Part 1 – Excel & ArcGIS, prep data in Excel (15 minutes)
Part 2 – Define coordinate system, add & display Excel data, export  (26 minutes)
Part 3 – Tips, tricks, and solving common problems (21 minutes)
[two_columns_2] Skills Acquired
* Properly format Excel data for use in ArcGIS
* Filter records in Excel and export to smaller worksheets
* Set the correct coordinate system in your map
* Work with reference data
* Plot XY coordinate data from Excel in ArcMap
* Export an event layer to a new feature class
* Solve common problems with Excel data

Total Running Time:   1 hour 2 minutes

For more information and to purchase this training course, visit the Excel Data to GIS Feature Class course site.

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