New Training Video – ArcGIS for Windows Mobile

GPS Mapping with ArcGIS for Windows Mobile

If you have a license of ArcGIS for Desktop, then you are entitled to download and use Esri’s ArcGIS for Windows Mobile  software for FREE!  This two-and-a-half hour training video will help you assess if ArcGIS for Windows Mobile is right for you and provide with the training you need to download, install, and use ArcGIS for Windows Mobile in the field and in the office.

Here’s a sample demo from the course – a tour of the ArcGIS field applications:

Everything You Need

This training video is the perfect way to:

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  • Assess is ArcGIS for Windows Mobile is right for your organization
  • Learn how to create custom mobile projects for use on a GPS unit
  • Get up and running with ArcGIS for Windows Mobile

[two_columns_1]Lessons (length)
1: Overview of AGWM (33:01)
2: Workflows & Key Concepts (16:59)
3: Preparing a Mobile GeoDB (14:37)
4: Building the Mobile Map (19:34)
5: Building a Mobile Project (29:06)
6: Using the Field Apps (28:41)
7: Integrating the Field Edits (5:32)

[/two_columns_1] [two_columns_2]Skills Acquired
* How to install ArcGIS for WM
* Create mobile projects
* Configure the field tasks
* Add digital photos to your features
* Use the field apps to collect new data
* Prepare a basemap and mobile cache
* Deployment & sharing options[/two_columns_2] Total Running Time:  2 hour 28 minutes

Price:  $197


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